Terms and Conditions

Buying goods and services on the web site

1-. Contracting party
You may be able to purchase Supplies via the Web Site direct from TNT. You must ensure that, if you do intend to make any purchases, you know the identity of the company with which you will be contracting. Any contract you conclude with third parties will be on their Terms and Conditions and TNT will accept no liability whatsoever in respect of such contracts. Third party Terms and Conditions should be available in the checkout or other appropriate section of the relevant TNT or third party web site. The following paragraphs of this clause 7 contain Terms and Conditions relating solely to any sale or provision of Supplies direct to you by TNT, not by any third party.

2-. Prices
The prices of all Goods are clearly marked in their description and are in US Dollars. All delivery charges are also displayed on the Web Site. Some customers may be asked to pay local duties on goods being shipped outside the United States.

3-. Conclusion of Contract of Sale
Any Supplies and prices of Supplies displayed on the Web Site constitute an invitation to enter into a contract for said Supplies. Once you go the checkout section of the Web Site and click to purchase any Supplies, this constitutes an offer made by you to TNT. Acceptance of your offer only occurs once you receive notification from TNT of confirmation of your order.

4-. Period of Offer
Prices of any Supplies may be changed by TNT at any time before the conclusion of an agreement to sell (i.e., once you receive notification from TNT of acceptance of your order).

5-. Payment
Payment is to be made by credit or debit card and all credit and debit card information will be encrypted for security.

6-. Delivery
Delivery of any Goods will be by courier or post depending on the size and nature of the Goods to be supplied. The Goods will normally be delivered within 30 days of the placement of the order. If delivery is delayed beyond 30 days, we will notify you that this is the case and you will have an option to cancel your order if the delay is unacceptable. Most orders will ship in ten to eleven days if shipped to a US address. Product descriptions usually include an estimate of the delivery delay.

7-. Substitutes
Should the Goods you order not be available, substitute goods may be provided by TNT, subject to your approval. If you should decide that any substitution of Goods is unacceptable, TNT will pay for the cost of returning the Goods and will also provide you with a full refund.

8- Cancellation
You may cancel your order only in the 48 hours after the order has been placed, without affecting the continuance of this agreement between TNT and you in relation to use of the Web Site. If any money has been collected from your credit or debit card, this will be refunded. Notification of cancellation must be emailed to tntsoccershop@hotmail.com. Once the Goods have been delivered, you may still exchange them only if they apply to TNTs Return Policy.

You may contact TNT about any problems, questions or comments regarding the Web Site at tntsoccershop@hotmail.com